A&P Australia & "Keeping Watch"


Atlantic & Peninsula (A&P) Australia announced they were donating $3,000 to Keeping Watch whilst exhibiting at the recent Indo-Pacific 2022 Sea Power Conference at Darling Harbour, Sydney.

The Navy’s charity Keeping Watch welcomed the generous donation from A&P Australia.  A&P Australia, based in Sydney, specialises in marine platform through-life and in service support as well as planning, managing and supervising ship repair and engineering activities and the facilitation of ship’s company training.

Chief Executive Officer of A&P Australia, Mr David McGinley, said “We are delighted to be able to contribute to supporting Navy personnel and their families in times of need”.

Deputy Chairman of Keeping Watch, Commander Christina Ween said “In addition to the $3,000, over previous years Keeping Watch have been very fortunate to have received numerous $1,000 donations from A&P Australia”.

Keeping Watch is the Royal Australian Navy’s only charitable fund that provides assistance to serving members of the Royal Australian Navy and their families who are in financial need. Commander Ween explained that "The money raised is used to help serving members who are experiencing financial hardship. The assistance can help toward a wide range of essential living expenses”. She further explained that “Keeping Watch have great flexibility in how support can be provided”. She said “To date some of the assistance has supported medical treatment and the associated accommodation/transport costs, childcare costs, essential household items following fire as well as the payment of bills following injury of an income earning spouse”.

Keeping Watch is coordinated by the RAN Relief Trust Fund and owes its very existence to the spirit and generosity of its donors. All donations over $2 are tax deductable.

Have you considered Keeping Watch as your ship’s charity? Keep it in our Navy family to help our Navy families! The amazing work of Keeping Watch can only continue with ongoing donations.